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The Best Wood For Rustic Dining Tables

1. Wood Types You Can Use for Your Rustic Dining Tables

In fact, it is the ideal addition to both your pancakes and your farmhouse table and chairs. The reason it's a favorite among woodcutters is because of its high density level and scratch resistance.

The sapwood and heartwood of maple have both a yellowish-white color, unlike other woods. Long-term stain resistance is enhanced by the vibrant tones.

It also resists water penetration and is environmentally friendly.

These characteristics guarantee that no matter the weather, your farmhouse table won't encounter dampening.

  1. Pine

Let's begin with a product with a European base, shall we? Pine is one of the wood varieties that most homeowners, table makers, and construction professionals prefer to use. [1]

Pine is medium in weight and has a delicate feel. It won't be tough to transport pine tables, in fact.

The color will totally depend on the kind of pine wood you have.

Pine wood material will most likely be white if you're using sapwood. Heartwood, on the other hand, has a reddish-yellow to reddish-brown hue.

  1. White Oak

White oak is another type of wood that would work beautifully for the construction of your rustic dining tables.

Due to the use of standard-sized boards in the material, forming the table base won't be a challenge. Although it could take some time to dry, overall the stain finish is excellent.

For the sapwood, light hues are to be anticipated. A dark brown color for the heartwood is to be anticipated.

  1. Cherry

The cherry fruit and hardwood both have a reddish tint, which unites them.

So you might want to think about getting this kind of wood if you want a table top and base that incorporate warm colors.

Another benefit of cherry is its exceptional resistance to dents and cracks, which makes it a great hardwood option for rustic dining tables, chairs, and other household items like closets.

  1. Walnut

We'll present walnut as our final type of wood. Walnut's sapwood is initially white in hue.

On the other hand, as it gets older, you should start to see a light-brown tint. Your farmhouse table may indeed resemble a massive Hershey's bar.

Be aware that this sort of wood will cost more due in part to its slow growth.

Rustic dining tables wood Availability of Buyer's Guides

You need to think about if the wood varieties you desire are available before you even consider putting together your living room with your DIY farmhouse table and chairs.

One thing you may do if you're having trouble finding the wood of your choice is to ask your neighborhood shops to confirm that the items are still available.

You can also check to see if you can purchase additional components for your rustic dining tables, such as the top, base, and even paint.

Combining several types of wood

Additionally, you should think about combining the many varieties. A table that has a hickory base and a hardwood top is an option.

The only thing you need to watch out for is any irregular colors you might obtain as a result of the various qualities.

This is particularly evident if you attempt to stain each type of wood with the same color. Not all types of wood have varied capacities for absorbing stains.

Favorite Colors

When creating rustic dining tablesprojects, color is one element to take into account. Planning your home doesn't require you to be an expert or an architect.

All you have to do is choose colors that complement one another and stand out.

For instance, choose a dark table top and a light-colored base if you wish to use contrasting colors.

All table components must be the same color to provide a more unified appearance. Consider staining a sample piece of wood before choosing a material.

Your table will stand out perfectly thanks to this extra step.


Cost is, of course, the final important consideration when purchasing rustic dining tables. When searching for resources, consider the cost of each material as well as any additional tools needed.

Do you ever wonder why the prices for the many types of tables vary? That's because variables like the type of lumber used and the size of the table are taken into account.

Additionally, some box retailers offer rustic dining tableskits that include extras like a top and base while others do not.

How expensive or inexpensive the total cost of all table materials will be depends on these factors.

Questions and Answers

What Kind of Wood Makes the Best Farmhouse Table?

We believe that maple fulfills all the criteria for selecting the best type of wood for your farmhouse table.

Of course, our choice may be arbitrary, but one thing is for certain: if you choose to utilize this particular wood, your rustic dining tables will be in capable hands.

Which Wood Makes the Best Rustic Furniture?

Best is a purely arbitrary term. The reason being that what's great for you and your house might not be what your neighbor or a friend would desire in theirs. That's excellent news, too! If everyone shared the same interests, life would be boring.

We'll break down popular wood species that are frequently used in rustic furniture in this guide so you can decide which kind best fits your style and price range.

Species of Wood to Compare for Rustic Furniture

What aesthetic are you going for with your rustic furniture? Your choice of wood will be influenced by the answer because it will help you attain the desired style. Perhaps you're seeking furniture with the classic knotty pine appearance you'd discover in a mountain cabin. Or perhaps you prefer a worn-in, damaged appearance. We can assist you with anything you may have in mind. Please contact us or call 570-231-5080 if you have any questions.

Most widely used types of wood for rustic dining tables

Hickory - For tables, beds, and nearly any form of furniture, hickory is a popular choice. Due to its strength and gorgeous wood texture, it is perfect for tables and case goods. The only type of wood we provide for furniture that retains the bark is hickory.

Aspen - The Colorado outdoors give this wood its distinctive flavor. It is the most widely used type of wood for bedroom furniture. We order Aspen from Colorado since we can't find wood with that flavor in Pennsylvania.

The apparent saw blade marks that give this wood a natural, rustic appearance are what give it the name "rough cut oak." Like hickory, rough cut oak is suitable for all types of furniture. It is a fantastic option for rustic dining tables due to its strength and toughness as well as its beauty and texture. Because this style lacks any logs, unlike Hickory and Aspen, it falls within the modern rustic classification.

Black walnut - Because of its beautiful grain and strength, black walnut is a great option for dining sets. It is also used to make tv stands, coffee tables, and end tables. The majority of our walnut goods are solid slabs that are utilized for coffee and rustic dining tables.

Other species that we sell are Timber Frame (rough sawn pine), Red Cedar, and White Cedar; these will be covered in more detail in a later article.

What Style Are You Aiming for?

As more of us seek out natural elements for our homes, rustic furniture is growing in favor. A more contemporary look is becoming less popular because it might be chilly and uninviting.

However, since you're here, it's likely that you prefer furniture that feels and appears natural.

Here are some furniture characteristics you might be searching for, along with grain and texture characteristics for some of the popular rustic woods we use to make our furniture.

Hickory - Usually has a straight grain and a coarse feel. A grain may be wavy or unsteady. An excellent option for rustic furnishings.

Wormy Maple - This grain, which is also known as "Ambrosia maple," has a lovely contrast of bright and dark tones.

Knotty Hickory - The two-toned aspect of this tree makes it distinctive. Tight knots, worm trails, and other natural variations in the woodgrain are frequent in hickory.

Wormy Maple - This grain, which is also known as "Ambrosia maple," has a lovely contrast of bright and dark tones.

Barnwood: It has a wonderful appearance because to the saw lines, deep colors, and aged aspect. Because salvaged hardwoods are more durable over time, we only deal in them.

Rough Cut Oak - Rough cut oak has a magnificent appearance and a distinctive texture due to the saw marks that are evident. Each piece is unique.

Maple that has been rough cut has a fine, even texture that is frequently straight or wavy. For our furniture, we employ live edge maple, birdseye maple, maple slabs, and spalted maple.


Solid wood is an adaptable material that works well in almost any environment. Wood can be light and airy or dark and deep, modern or rustic. It can be carved and sculpted to meet any measurements, aged, or sanded smooth.

These factors make wood one of the most widely used materials for rustic dining tablesand countertops today. No matter where you install it or what style it is, this is true.

These designs for dining areas benefit from the warmth and depth that reclaimed wood brings. Real, solid wood that has been salvaged from older homes and other structures that are at least 100 years old is known as reclaimed wood. It can be molded, finished, and cut just like freshly cut wood, or it can be left unfinished to retain its original saw marks, nail holes, and patina, all of which can provide character and dimension.

Design Ideas for Reclaimed Rustic Dining Tables Tops and Counters

Reclaimed wood may instantly improve your design and add depth you were unaware of when used as a counter or table top. Take a look at these 7 design options if you're planning a new counter or DIY table top project and want a flexible, hospitable, and eco-friendly material:

Simple Counter

Reclaimed rustic dining tablestops that have been set on used whiskey barrels were used to create this distinctive countertop. Together, the two components produce a beautiful display that serves as the room's center of attention. Many of the original saw marks and surface weathering can be seen on the recovered barn wood. The barrels have a similar weathered and rustic surface texture, which aids in bringing the concept together. Despite the overall lighter hue of the countertop, the contrast only deepens the design.

Graceful Curves

Reclaimed wood need not be distressed; in many cases, it can be cut, sanded, and finished to resemble freshly cut wood. The smooth finish on this rich countertop allows the grain to be seen. The edges are straight and have a soft curve that provides a subtle contrast to the island's geometric geometry. The cabinets can be the room's lightest color since the dark wood balances off the room's darker floor and walls.

The darker tones allow this area to stand out clearly and become the focal point of the room, while the lighter bits of grain in the countertop help tie everything together.

Rustic Dining Tables

Over the past few years, farmhouse-style kitchens have seen a rapid increase in popularity. They have a straightforward design that emphasizes functionality and the use of durable, natural materials. Cabinetry, worktops, floors, and the top of the dining table are all conspicuously made of wood in the design. The rustic dining tablesserves as the focal point of the farmhouse style kitchen, unlike other kitchens where an island may serve as the design's hub.

It is a sturdy, big, and typically rustic dining tables. The solid wood table top will frequently receive the same amount of usage as a countertop because the rustic dining tablesis frequently used for both gathering and eating as well as for preparing meals.

Reclaimed wood was used to create this rustic farmhouse dining table to coordinate with the other kitchen furnishings. The floors and cabinets carry the warm tones of the wood, and the brickwork around bring back the roughness.

Tabletop Transitional

A transitional design mixes one or more components from at least two different styles, fusing them together equally to produce a whole new look. With the use of wood, this restaurant masterfully transitions. A rustic wood panel covering the walls sets the tone for the room's design and color.

The rectangular rustic dining tables tops in the restaurant tables are constructed of the same recycled material, so the color and depth match, but instead of being rustic, they have been smoothed and carved into a more modern design. This strikes a balance between rustic and modern that entices guests to stay for a while when paired with plush leather chairs.

Multiple Substances

It can be tempting to build the complete dining room table out of the same materials, but this isn't always the correct aesthetic. The top of this rustic dining tablesis made of a rich wood with crisp lines and a noticeable grain. It is combined with a metal table base with more modern styling and comparable clean lines. As a result, the rustic brick walls adjacent and the wood table top can be connected by the table top. This rustic dining tablesmodern design pays homage to the rustic accents already present, making it cozy without being cold.

Wood Balance

This kitchen has several wood components with a variety of hues, finishes, and textures. To use so many diverse elements in one area, you must strike a balance between them. Compared to the other woods in the room, the cabinetry is lighter. It's also more refined than the other pieces, having a straighter edge and less rustic detail. In this way, the island's countertop connects the less-rural (but much-darker) floor to the highly rustic ceiling beams and columns. It does this in a lovely way, uniting the many elements into a seamless pattern.

Wilderness Peninsula

In this kitchen, the peninsula serves as a divider, showing where one room ends and another begins. Therefore, in order for it to function well, it needs to be prominent in its design. This is accomplished by pairing a highly rustic reclaimed wood countertop with a crisp white cabinet with a smooth finish. The cabinet contrasts with the saw marks and patina on the wood. The floor shares many of the same colors as the countertop but has a smoother surface to prevent the room from looking disjointed. By doing so, the countertop can complement the overall aesthetic while still sticking out.

Elmwood can help you design the perfect rustic dining tablestop or counter. Beautiful countertops, islands, and rustic dining tablescan be made from reclaimed timber. It lasts a long time and is rich, cozy, and welcoming. Consider reclaimed wood table tops if you're thinking about using wood for a new countertop or table top in order to enjoy all the advantages of wood as well as the rich depth and finish that only old barn wood can provide. Additionally, wood tops can be utilized for a number of interior design elements, such as a desk top in an office or a wood coffee table in the living room. To get the best addition to your interior design, take into account any of these design concepts for your property.

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