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Rustic Dining Tables: Now Out Of Style???

Around 2015, farmhouse style began to gain popularity as a major decorating trend, largely due to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper. Its cozy vibes and white-washed furnishings gave off the impression of being a new, less frilly evolution of the shabby chic/French country look, which was another extremely popular look at the time and was distinguished by ticking stripes, a lot of burlap, ruffles, French antiques, and conventional furniture. It also had a rustic appeal that drew from the country and industrial looks that were hugely popular in the early 2010s.

In essence, farmhouse decor became quite popular as a method to spruce up homes for those who preferred the shabby chic, rustic, or industrial aesthetic. Cut to 2021. The original farmhouse style, like French Country before it, is beginning to feel a bit (or a lot, depending on who you ask) worn out after six years of "Gather" signs and buffalo-check everything. It's all over. The look is available at Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, and Serena & Lily.


People will always be drawn to particular styles, so if farmhouse is your style, go ahead and own it.
All decorating fads are evolving at the same time. Certain prints and colors even appear in traditional décor every decade or two. Heck, white kitchens, which are as simple and timeless as they come, are now viewed as a little stale because they've been replicated so much. People are looking at different options because although they are still classic, they have grown a little monotonous.
If you're concerned that your rustic dining tables décor is out of date, it's probably time to mix up some of your accessories. A lot of the farmhouse decor that was first fashionable five or six years ago appears obsolete and somewhat cliché at this point (looking at you, shiplap). With a few adjustments, the overall look can still feel modern and contemporary.
I've listed some items that are certainly past their prime here, along with some fresh ways to apply farmhouse design.


Typeface Signs
Everything that says, "Gather," "live, laugh, love," "Welcome to the farm," "blessed," etc. falls under this category. It was charming and innovative at first, but now such signs seem cliched. These signs have inspired memes. It's time to move on when that occurs.
It's one thing to find furniture in a flea market with genuine charm. However, buying cheap, worn-out furniture was a vogue that was understandably short-lived. Anything that is already distressed when you buy it should be avoided since it will seem dated. The real product is significantly superior and presumably more affordable.
Buffalo check in black and white was a defining feature of the early farmhouse fashion, but it's another design that has gotten overused to the point of cliché. A small amount of the print is still acceptable, but spreading it all over feels overdone.
Mason jars, for example, mounted on faux-distressed barnboard and hung as wall decor Alternately, faux-antique window panes with chicken wire in the background. It's time to remove whatever you purchased from HomeGoods in the previous five years.
Rustic dining tables design is essentially shifting away from replica things in favor of real ones (so actual distressed furniture as opposed to artificial), adding antiques or contemporary pieces for balance and depth, and personalizing the style to make it less overdone. It also helps to use new colors and patterns.
Landscape prints, particularly old or vintage ones, bring a new element to farmhouse decor. Landscape prints have generally gained popularity in home décor, whether it be for traditional or modern spaces. However, they are particularly well suited to farmhouse décor and will go well with anything you already have if you already have a farmhouse-style home.
Real vintage landscapes might be expensive, but Etsy has several fantastic print possibilities that are reasonably priced.
You don't have to put plaids out of your life forever just because you're not wearing buffalo check. It is more intriguing and original to combine plaid and check prints in various scales, as shown in the new throw pillows from West Elm below.
A significant rustic dining tables wall art trend is botanical prints, such as pictures of ferns or eucalyptus, or sketch drawings of flower bouquets, for example. In the future years, this one runs the risk of being overdone, but since wall art is so simple to alter, the risk is worthwhile.
Light, stripped woods with a faint lime-wash have replaced barnboard and distressed woods (or white wash).
It's simple to update your rustic dining tables decor with pottery that feels aged or handcrafted, as if it was taken straight out of the kiln or maybe discovered in an old barn.
A wonderful illustration are these Terrain pots.
A certain type of farmhouse item will endure because it is timeless. Items like:
If you can find a solid wood or vintage rustic dining tables, you'll be able to retain it for a long time because they are solidly crafted and gorgeous.
Are you unsure if shiplap is still in style? As long as it's an original piece of your home's architecture, it's not.
Since they have been around for generations, these spindle-backed chairs have been synonymous with the farmhouse style. But that does not imply that they are a fad. Although the style of these traditional chairs may not always be in style, it will always be attractive.
Vintage rugs with Turkish, Oriental, and Persian designs are currently very popular in rustic dining tables decor. You'll probably be able to find a place for it in your home for years to come if you manage to get your hands on an original edition (I've discovered some great ones on eBay).
There are several wonderful vintage rug possibilities on Etsy:
In conclusion, it's probably time to update your rustic dining tables decor if you're unsure whether it's out of date. Keep the essentials, but replace your pillows, decorations, and other items with something a little fancier right now.

What Is Decorating in the Rustic Dining Tables Style?

In order to create a rustic, country-inspired home, farmhouse style is all about using natural materials and vintage furnishings.
Lots of rustic, reclaimed wood and time-distressed materials are used in rustic dining tables -style homes to create a purposely aged effect. In order to let the natural textures take center stage, neutral colors like soft white, beige, grey, and greige are also widely used.
It's a popular style to have in the house because it's entirely adaptable and gives off a cozy, warm vibe. To create your own personal style that is totally exclusive to you, you can combine farmhouse design with industrial, modern, or classic decor.
To achieve the ideal mix of warmth and prevent it from being too kitsch or cluttered, it is best to combine old and new when incorporating this design into your house.
A Rustic Dining Tables: What Is It?
A rustic dining tables should always add a sense of rusticity and nature to any space. They frequently have sturdy wooden spindle legs and typically have a hefty wood top constructed of substantial boards of wood, such as oak or pine.
Traditional farmhouse tables either have a painted base for added character and charm or a classic rustic wood finish.
Additionally, you may get modern farmhouse tables that have the recognizable thick reclaimed wood top and a more modern base, such as square wooden or iron legs that function just as well.
Components That Make Up A Farmhouse Dining Table
They are weighty
Because they are constructed with a thick solid wood top, farmhouse tables are frequently fairly hefty. This makes it much heavier than conventional tables when coupled with strong wood or iron legs. It could be challenging for people who frequently move or rearrange their interiors, but it does indicate that the table is very robust and enduring. Families with kids or those who intend to use the table frequently should choose this because it will last for many years.
The bases differ.
Rustic dining tables tables come in a variety of styles, making them suitable for a variety of interiors. There are several different bases to pick from that can drastically alter the appearance of the table, whether it's the traditional spindle style legs that are synonymous with the farmhouse table, square wooden legs, or iron a-frame legs.
They are useful
When it comes to farmhouse dining tables, functionality is crucial. In the past, a farm house's primary focus was on practicality, therefore each object and piece of furniture had to serve a useful purpose. This frequently required having big, sturdy tables that could accommodate lots of people around them and provide a surface area for every activity. Most significantly, farmhouse tables are made to survive for many years and frequently have built-in drawers that offer useful extra storage.
They frequently lack leaves.
A dining table extension leaf lengthens the length of the table to seat more diners. Rustic dining tables have plenty of seating but no leaves to increase the size of the table.
To ensure that everyone has a good dining experience, a typical rule of thumb is that there should be two feet of table for each person seated. You may need to look into different dining table options with leaves if you want a table that you can extend for guests but collapse when it's not in use. To ensure that you can maintain the desired look, Grain and Frame offers an extended option on all of our farmhouse dining tables.
Farm Table Advantages
Strong Farmhouse Tables
Rustic dining tables are strong and long lasting since they are made of solid wood. As a result, it's a fantastic choice for individuals who have growing families or who plan to use the table frequently because it will survive use and deterioration while maintaining its attractive appearance for many years.
Affordable Farmhouse Tables Are Still Available.
Even if you buy used, farmhouse tables don't have to be pricey. You can find a lovely kitchen table used; any traces of wear and tear will just add to the aesthetic. Farmhouse tables traditionally were designed to look rustic with a "worn" aspect for an authentic country-chic style.
Farmhouse Tables Are Available in Various Woods
You can pick a farmhouse table to fit your needs because they come in a variety of woods.
For individuals who prefer a rustic appearance where the table appears to have a history, reclaimed wood is suitable. Reclaimed wood frequently features natural dings and scrapes as well as traces of previous nails or staples.
Since this isn't for everyone, pine and oak planks are other preferred options because they have an equally lovely but more consistent appearance. Every rustic dining tables will look distinct with a unique grain and characteristics owing to the nature of wood, regardless of the type of wood you choose, but that's the beauty of a farmhouse dining table.
Not all farmhouse tables are large.
Rustic dining tables are often big, hefty pieces of furniture that offer enough space for the entire family to sit down and eat together.
To select a table that fits your space, several merchants now sell farmhouse tables in a variety of customizable sizes. By using benches instead of chairs, you can push the table up against a wall when it's not in use, which is helpful for people who are limited on room.
To give a farmhouse table a new look, paint it whenever you like.
Paint works well on farmhouse dining tables, especially when the base contrasts with the wood table top.
Even though the table is much older, you may make it look brand new by painting the base. For the rustic dining tables trend, neutral, earthy tones are essential because they highlight the inherent beauty of the wood table top.
If you're painting over existing paint, make sure the surface is perfectly smooth before applying the new color to create a seamless finish.
An outdated farm table can be painted again.
You can re-stain the wood similarly to how you would paint your rustic dining tables. You might want to update your present table or you might have purchased a used table that needs some TLC.
Whatever the reason, wood stain is a fantastic way to change the appearance of your table because there are so many different color options. There are many alternatives to pick from, whether you want a clear stain that just highlights the natural beauty of the wood or a colored stain so that your table will complement other furniture in your home.
The beauty of staining wood is that anyone, regardless of skill level, can do it themselves at home. You can get all the information you need about wood stain here.
With a farmhouse table, you can utilize any type of seating you like.
When it comes to selecting chairs to go with your farmhouse table, there is no right or wrong decision. Whether you want a modern, traditional, or industrial look, there are countless options to choose from.
For additional information on how to mismatch your dining chairs, visit our tutorial. If you're feeling very daring, you might also mix and match your chairs to make a statement.
As an alternative, you may use benches in place of regular seats with your table. Your kitchen or dining room will feel more rural with this appearance. Additionally, benches are wonderful if you need to fit more people around the table because they are more space-efficient than chairs.
Rustic Dining Tables Go With Any Style of Decor
Farmhouse tables look great in any environment, including classic and rustic settings as well as modern and industrial ones.
The table's appearance can be modified to match your decor by painting it, switching out the base, or including new chairs in a different design.
Do Rustic Dining tables Have a Future in Fashion in 2022?
Here are some reasons why farmhouse dining tables are a trend that will never go out of style:
Neutrals Won't Disappear
Because it makes use of gentle, neutral colors, farmhouse style decor is appealing. Give your dining area a neutral foundation to work from, and you'll have a dependable backdrop that won't ever look garish or out of date.
A Contemporary Take on Farmhouse Styles
The rustic dining tables is quite versatile and goes well with many other home decor styles. As more people try to blend farmhouse chic into their modern interiors, the style is evolving toward something more contemporary. Any place may feel cozier and warmer by utilizing natural elements like wood, metal, or brick. It strikes the ideal mix between old and new.

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