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Rustic Dining Tables & Chairs For Any Occasion

Rustic dining tables and chairs are perfect to enhance the interior of any living space. The Rustic dining collection has a striking design that is both rustic and modern. It combines saw cut oak marquetry tops with 'peppercorn' finished wire brushed oak veneered frame, all of which give it an on trend industrial edge while also combining well together to form such a sophisticated-looking piece for your home or office.

The wood of each piece is hand-crafted for a rustic look and feel. The top surfaces have been wire brushed to give it that aged, weathered touch as well as texture on your fingertips when you run them across one of these fine tables!

The most beautiful and diverse range in an array of colours, textures is on offer with the rustic dining collection. The hand-crafted pattern tops are wire brushed to give it that aged look while still maintaining its durability for years worth of use!

The options for Rustic dining tables and chairs are endless with this collection. The oak upholstered chairs come in four velvet colours or an eye catching mottled grey fabric that features bold square pattern stitch detail on the seat and backside, making it a perfect fit to be paired against any decorating style imaginable!

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, oak upholstery is just one of many luxurious choices. Choose from leather seating with four velvet options to choose between or opt for an edgy mottled grey fabric and bold square pattern detail that features superior glides on all base areas so you can easily move around while sitting down comfortably!

Sculptural secrets are revealed with soft closing drawers hidden inside the sideboard cabinets. A stunning focal point for any dining room, these features will transform your kitchen into a space that is elegant and modern at once!

Industrial-style rustic dining tables are becoming increasingly popular for their many benefits. In this article, we look at the key features and benefits of these industrial style furniture pieces; how it's made; different finishes available - from natural wood to black metal tables with glass tops!

The dining table is a key component in any home, and with so many options available it can be hard to decide on which one will work best for you. If your space has been feeling a little empty lately then rustic industrial tables may just fill that void!

In this article we'll explore some of the benefits these pieces provide as well their different features such as material use or finish types before diving into how they're manufactured from start-to-finish including:  -Applying finishes like oil rubbed bronze-, anodized aluminium laminate (which includes textured patterns), powder coat painterly spray lacquer etc.

Rustic dining tables and chairs are often made of timber. Oak and pine are great choices for this style, as they're strong and durable enough to hold up under time with use in your home or restaurant kitchen over many years. Reclaimed wood gives off an even more natural feel than new material does - it's also better environmentally speaking since you won't need any trees taken down!

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