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Perks of Picking Rustic Dining Tables

4 Reasons Why Rustic Dining Tables Will Never Go Out of Style

  1. People gather around the table.

"Families who eat together around a rustic dining tables are likely to be closer," says Family Therapist Dr. Reenee Singh. Although it may not always be practical, making time for this can help children and young adults develop "healthy eating and communication patterns," as well as parents find a time to "switch off from the stresses of the day and chat to each other and their children in a calm manner."

  1. People eat more healthily.

While we have a short lunch or on the run, we are more likely to make poor eating choices.   Individuals are encouraged to pay more attention to what, when, and how they consume as a result of this.

  1. It can provide order to a day that has otherwise been chaotic.

Due to busy schedules, 51% of Brits confess they don't eat often over rustic dining tables, but sitting regularly around the table can be the one component of a busy day that you can control. Finding time to unwind and relax can be as simple as gathering around the table for a meal and talking about something other than work. Dr. Lucia Giombini, on the other hand, says:

  1. It provides a break from all of the devices and a moment of "reality."

It's no secret that, in an age when technology is at the center of most people's lives, many individuals find themselves addicted to their screens at all hours of the day and night. Dr. Reenee Singh suggests making mealtimes technology free zones and eating and talking as a family at least once a day.


So, how can we effectively counteract dinner-time deterrents around rustic dining tables?

Tip 1: Create a space to be proud of with Rustic Dining Tables.

If you or your family dislikes eating at the dining table, attempt to transform the environment into something you can be proud of. Make the space more appealing by removing clutter and mess.

Tip 2: Go on a digital detox with rustic dining tables.

Make mealtimes as tech-free as possible to avoid distractions while eating, but remember to practice what you preach!

Tip 3: Schedule some dedicated eating time.

This manner, you can avoid the harmful effects of worry and tension that eating on the go might have. You'll be able to pay greater attention to your emotions and the food you're eating as well.

Tip 4: Establish a regimen.

Routine can help you remember that something is part of your day, so you're less likely to forget about your scheduled dinner at the dining table. By eating at the same time every night, you can build a set pattern.

Tip 5: Involve the kids.

Try to involve the kids in as much of the meal preparation and buying as possible, and when you do sit down for dinner, make the conversation family-oriented and engaging for the kids as well. This will encourage them to participate more!

Rustic Dining Tables: Benefits and Drawbacks for Your Home and Family

Rustic Dining Tables Have Benefits

The strength of wood furniture is its most practical asset. Tabletops, desktops, and shelves made of hardwood will not sag over time like those made of plywood, particleboard, or fiberboard. It can keep its strength for decades—attics and basements are frequently stocked with useful century-old furniture. For example, the bookcase that my friend's son stole was initially passed down to the family from an elderly aunt. High-quality furniture also holds its value: Heirloom-quality wood furniture that has been resold can fetch a high price.

Rustic dining tables, on the other hand, have a long-lasting appearance and appeal. Genuine hardwood's grain and tones add warmth and character to any space.  It’s why shabby chic furniture with a distressed finish is a part of the modern rustic aesthetic, which continues to grow in popularity. For example, my friend's old bookcase now adds a regal touch to his son's dorm room.

 Scratches and scuff marks can be sanded off, and the old finish can be stripped off and replaced. Despite its many advantages, wood furniture can have some drawbacks.

Rustic Dining Tables Have Drawbacks

It took two people to transport my friend's son's makeshift TV stand across campus when he transferred to a new dorm. The strength, stability, and longevity of wood furniture come at a cost: it's heavy. The following are some further downsides of wood furniture:  Water can cause damage to rustic dining tables. 

Ultraviolet light can damage the surface of rustic dining tables and change their color. Sunlight can tear up chemical links in wood and cause the surface to change colors in a similar way to how it does on skin. If you're not a fan of the degradation on your rustic dining tables, a professional artisan can restore an antique finish to bring the color back to its original hue.  While the topcoat should protect your furniture from normal wear and tear, sharp or heavy objects may destroy the surface, revealing the rustic dining tables beneath. Check to see if your warranty includes accidental damage repairs.

Patience and skill are required for damage repair. A craftsman's touch is required to repair scratches on a wood surface, while sanding or removing stains needs patience, care, and attention to detail.

Hardwood is good for furniture because of its strength. It can withstand a lot of misuse, and most damage can be fixed or recovered. Always get excellent, high-end furniture constructed of solid hardwood to get the most value out of your rustic dining tables.

Making the Most of the Benefits of Rustic Dining Tables in Your Home

Skilled woodworkers may discern the beautiful lines of a Farmhouse Kitchen Table behind the bark of a half log of hardwood. They'll immediately start thinking about how to restore a piece of high-quality hardwood furniture that has deep scratches or other evident damage when shown it. Furthermore, they will be anxious to get started.

The essential features of rustic dining tables

Must-Have #1: Plenty of Room for Everyone

If you have a large family and require a lot of surface space, an extendable rustic dining tables, especially a rectangular one, is the finest solution. Indeed, the rectangular version can change - even outright double - its length as needed, and is ideal not just for sitting down and eating, but also for using an extra-large surface to spread out your pasta dough, work from home, or home school your children.

The Dandy Plus rustic dining tables are available in fixed and extensible versions, with sizes ranging from 80x130cm to 90x160cm. With the decorative feature that runs all the way around its circle, the clean-cut shapes and gentle profile of this modern table stand out. Choosing a contrasting color for the decorative strip, such as Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, or Agave Blue, makes the Dandy Plus table the focal point of the space. When open, the extended version gives you an extra 80 cm of length without sacrificing the clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Extensible kitchen tables, on the other hand, aren't exclusively for modern furniture. The Casale extensible rectangular table, for a starring, timeless table, creates atmospheres with an enduring charm in spacious, classic settings.

Second must-have: minimal bulk

Is the compact size the most significant feature, regardless of the number of people who may join you at the rustic dining tables? When space is restricted, a small-sized kitchen or dining room table, possibly designer, is the ideal choice.

The rustic dining tables are fixed and have a simple design. Available in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 120cm to 140cm in diameter. The three various finishes for the broken-line legs of the frame (Shangai Deep Brown, ShangaiGrph, and Shangai Optical White) and the transparent glass of the table top subtly emphasize the table, giving it all the elegance of a functional design element.

Must-Have 3: Personality and Style

Allow your imagination to go wild if space is not an issue. You can choose your dining room or kitchen table freely, whether you need a second rustic dining tables (for the lucky few!) or the place is spacious enough. In this situation, your whole focus will be on the style and distinct sensations that each well-crafted piece of furniture can elicit. You can select a design that complements the rest of the space while still honoring the likes and personalities of the room's regular residents. Alternatively, you may like furniture with the desired seats and finishes. Tables with bold yet simple or sinuous forms, stylish or industrial styles, brick or glass table tops to fit the rest of the kitchen... Your ideal fixed or Extendable Rustic Dining Tables will meet all of your requirements!

Care Instructions: How to Take Care of Your Rustic Dining Tables

Tables made of veneered and solid wood

Cleaning is essential. Dry your rustic dining tables with a clean, lint-free cloth after wiping them down with a moist cloth.

Spills should be cleaned up right away.

On any obstinate markings, use a diluted, wood-friendly detergent.

You can use a tiny amount of oil polish to heal small scratches on veneer, and you can simply seal solid wood with matching varnish or paint. 

Keep your table out of direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid color fading and movement of the wood.

Avoid placing your rustic dining tables immediately in front of a radiator since the veneer on veneered tables may lift and solid wood may slide.

Just a reminder that rustic dining tables are a living and changing material, thus excessive heat, cold, and moisture may alter the wood and may create bowing or hairline fractures over time.

What Type Of Rustic Dining Tables Is Best For Furniture?

It's strong, dependable, adaptable, and simple to deal with, not to mention renewable and abundant. Although not all types of wood may be utilized for rustic dining tables, many can. 

Many people are unfamiliar with the many types of wood used in rustic dining tables, and there are several common myths that should be dispelled before purchasing your next dining table! Each species of wood has its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and qualities that make it suited for certain types of rustic dining tables.

We also dispel several common misconceptions about manufactured woods such as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and plywood, and emphasize to Malaysians that local wood does not equal terrible wood! Tropical wood is often on par with, if not better than, imported wood in terms of quality.

Fella Design has put together this guide to help the typical consumer choose the best sort of wood for furniture based on their 30 years of experience in Malaysia's furniture industry!

Solid Wood vs. Manufactured Wood

Malaysians naturally associate manmade woods such as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and plywood with "low quality." When it comes to rustic dining tables, though, genuine timbers aren't always superior than synthetic woods. 

Solid woods, for example, are processed directly from the tree logs from which they are cut. It's helpful to think of solid woods as alive depending on environmental elements like heat and humidity. Over time, it is always susceptible of bending and changing shape and even color. This is not a problem with manufactured woods like MDF. They will keep their shape for a long period once worked.

Rustic dining tables are also extremely hefty, not to mention pricey. Perhaps if you are a successful middle-aged married couple with a home. You'll need rustic dining tables that are both functional and affordable while still being substantial and sturdy. For style, manufactured wood with an expensive-looking veneer is what you want.

Manufactured wood furniture isn't always inferior to solid wood furniture. It all depends on your specific consumer requirements.


Chipboards are manufactured wood that is very cheap. Wood chips and shavings are bonded together with resin to form thick chunks of working material. Chipboards are quite popular among low-cost rustic dining tables manufacturers such as IKEA. End tables and other flat surfaces are generally veneered.


While chipboard is made from wood chips, fibreboard is made by breaking down hardwoods and softwoods into fibers, which are then bonded together with wax and resin under high heat. Low Density Fibreboards are chipboards or particle boards (LDF). Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and High Density Fibreboard (HDF) are also available (HDF).

MDF is without a doubt the most popular of the fibreboards. MDF is known for its strength and durability, which is why it is frequently utilized in the construction of rustic dining tables.


Plywood is sometimes misunderstood in Malaysia as a low-cost, low-quality material, however this is not always the case! Plywood is an extremely durable manmade wood made up of thin veneer layers that are glued together to form a solid sheet of wood. Due to its resistance to warping, adaptability, and robustness, plywood is particularly popular in rustic dining tables and flooring!

Sturdy Rustic Dining Tables

Rustic dining tables are made of solid wood and are built to last. This makes it an excellent choice for growing families or individuals who will use the table often.

Rustic Dining Tables Inexpensive

Rustic dining tables do not have to be costly, especially if purchased secondhand. Traditionally, rustic dining tables were designed to seem worn for a genuine country-chic vibe, so you'll be able to find a lovely kitchen table secondhand; any evidence of wear and tear will just add to the image.

Rustic Dining Tables are available in a variety of wood types.

Rustic dining tables are available in a variety of wood varieties, so you're likely to find something that meets your preferences.

Reclaimed wood is great for people who prefer a rustic aesthetic where the table appears to have a backstory. Original dents and scratches, as well as traces of old nails or staples, are common in reclaimed wood.

Because this isn't for everyone, pine and oak planks of wood are other popular options, offering a similar but more consistent appearance. Due to the nature of wood, each Farmhouse Dining Table will have a distinct grain and characteristics - but that's the beauty of a rustic dining table.

The term "rustic dining tables" does not always imply "large."

Traditionally, rustic dining tables are enormous, robust pieces of furniture that seat the entire family comfortably.

However, many merchants now provide rustic Dining Tables in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pick one that fits your needs. Another approach to save room is to use benches instead of chairs as seating; this allows you to put the table against a wall when not in use, which is useful for individuals with limited space

An Old Rustic Dining Table Can Be Restored

You can re-stain the wood in the same way that you painted your rustic dining tables. You may have purchased a used table that requires some TLC, or you may simply wish to refresh your current table.

Wood stain is a terrific option to change the look of your table for any purpose, thanks to the wide range of colors available. There are plenty of alternatives to pick from, whether you want a clear stain that only emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood or a coloured stain that matches other furniture in your home.

The beauty of staining wood is that it's simple and straightforward to perform at home, regardless of your skill level. Everything you need to know about wood stain may be found here.

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